Commando VM : Windows offensive distribution from FireEye

Commando VM : Windows offensive distribution from FireEye

Which is the best Linux distribution for penetration testers? We all have only one answer to that; The Kali Linux distribution!!

If we are thinking about Windows platform, i know it is real struggle for everyone. We will have to spent a lot time and effort to build our own customized version of Windows OS with all the tools and techniques needed for the security assessment. A windows box is essential for the folks who are into Internal security assessments focused on Active directory infrastructure.

Here comes FireEye for our rescue, The researchers in FireEye has created a Windows distribution focused on supporting penetration testers and red teamers. They are calling it the the Complete Mandiant Offensive VM  aka Commando VM!

The entire VM deployment is automated using powerful and fail proof scripts. It installs a big set of tools and scripts which will make the life of a pentester mush easier. I’m not mentioning the names of tools here; literally everything is there in the Commando VM. Also a bunch of utilities and hundreds of Powershell scripts to do the kung-fu!
Visit for the complete list of tools, scripts and utilities.


Commando VM can be used with Windows 7 or Windows 10. But it is important that, the OS must be updated to till date else the installer script would not work. Better to download an evaluation version of Windows OS from here.

Follow the installation instructions mentioned in or

Or refer the below given screen capture. I’ve recorded it while i was doing the deployment.


The installation script removes most of the unwanted utilities and services in Windows. Such as Cortana, Defender etc
The VM is rich with offensive tools and scripts
Efficient to perform internal security assessments of Windows infrastructure


Installation is taking a few hours even with a decent internet connection
Installation and management is not so easy as Linux.
Well it’s windows right? We can expect some issues for sure! 🙂

Note: I would update the Pro’s and Con’s as I experience more of Commando VM. We will create a few use-cases/challenges for Red Team Village CTFs which will have to use Commando VM to solve them.