Introduction to Artificial intelligence for security professionals – Book

A security researcher plus data scientist Brian Wallace and Cylance data scientist team (Sepehr Akhavan-Masouleh,  Andrew Davis, Mike Wojnowicz, and John H. Brock) has published  a new book “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for security professionals“.

AI was an area of interest all the time! My experience with AI and Machine learning is very limited.  I managed to create a few chat bots using AIML brain files; Wrote a few scripts to automate security testing or web parsing; and have a little bit experience with HUBOT based infosec automation! That’s it!
But this is serious! Something big! Really an eye opener!
This is really a good starter and making all of us wanting to learn ML and AI based technologies then put it into information security. This book helps us to understand the basics methodologies, where to start and how to do it practically.
The book has 4 chapters;
Clustering: This is all about segregation of data and clustering based on similarities then attributes. Describes about k-scan, DBSCAN clustering algorithms and many more with practical examples.
Classification: This chapter explains about computational methods which can be used to categorize data into classes. This chapter examines about linear and non-linear classifiers, decision trees, Logistic regression etc
Probability: This chapter explains about probability based predictive modelling techniques. Topics such as Naive Bayes classifiers, Gaussian Mixture model clustering, Practical examples of detecting Spam messages using Probability techniques etc
Anyway, i haven’t finished reading this book yet;  and I think, I should’ve concentrated more on Statistics and analytics lectures in college! :/
Deep Learning: This is about neural networks and how they can be used to solve classification problems. This chapter contains topics such as Computational steps performed using Long Short – Term memory and Convolutional types of neural networks, feedforward and recurrent neural network architectures etc
The PDF version of the book can be downloaded from this link: IntroductionToArtificialIntelligenceForSecurityProfessionals_Cylance.pdf
The scripts and datasets explained in this book can be downloaded from the below link.
Thank you for sharing the book, Brian Wallace
Feel free to share your comments and feedback with Brian Wallace and Cylance team.